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Saturday, Dec 9, 2017   
Award Winner
AK-47  amator (2 kills with ak47)
AUG  semi (1 kills with aug)
AWP  ElitaHere Bozydar 666 (1 kills with awp)
Desert Eagle  Warthog (1 kills with deagle)
Dual Berettas  MeQ |$| Bary (1 kills with elite)
Five-SeveN  Tybek (2 kills with fiveseven)
Galil AR  amator (2 kills with galilar)
Glock-18  MeQ |$| Bary (1 kills with glock)
High Explosive Grenade  csgo500 (1 kills with hegrenade)
Kill Assists  Pigimasterthief (28 kill assists)
Knife  amator (64 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  amator (11 kills)
Longest Play Time  Michuuu (05:14:45h hours)
M249  amator (38 kills with m249)
M4A4  amator (2 kills with m4a4)
MAG-7  reset bulion xd lol (1 kills with mag7)
Most Deaths  Michuuu (98 deaths)
Most Headshots  amator (38 headshots)
Most Improved Player  szymon.barczyk123 (509 points gained)
Most Kills  amator (119 kills)
MP7  reset bulion xd lol (1 kills with mp7)
MP9  Adass (1 kills with mp9)
Negev  szymon.barczyk123 (1 kills with negev)
Nova  Adass (1 kills with nova)
P2000  reset bulion xd lol (1 kills with hkp2000)
P90  amator (1 kills with p90)
PP-Bizon  Pigimasterthief (18 kills with bizon)
Sawed-Off  reset bulion xd lol (4 kills with sawedoff)
SCAR-20  amator (3 kills with scar20)
USP-S  Mwo (1 kills with usp-s)
XM1014  amator (3 kills with xm1014)