Nov  Décembre 2018
48 12
dimanche, 16. dec 2018   
Récompense Gagnant
AK-47  MAM KOSE Z (190 kills with ak47)
AUG  ^^Ai0n^^ (8 kills with aug)
AWP  MAM KOSE Z (7 kills with awp)
Bayonet  MAM KOSE Z (27 kills with bayonet)
Bowie Knife  Patryk Lisowski (13 kills with bowie knife)
Butterfly Knife  Rodzyneł (9 kills with butterfly knife)
Desert Eagle  MAM KOSE Z (11 kills with deagle)
Falchion Knife  SaitS (⋋▂⋌) (1 kills with falchion)
FAMAS  do włosów (1 kills with famas)
Five-SeveN  ♥Domson♥™ (1 kills with fiveseven)
Flip Knife  Road _to_Global_Elite (1 kills with flip-knife)
Galil AR  MegaWikus (3 kills with galilar)
Glock-18  MAM KOSE Z (1 kills with glock)
High Explosive Grenade  Rodzyneł (3 kills with hegrenade)
Karambit  Rydzek (6 kills with karambit)
Kill Assists  Zbuku "RAPER" (11 kill assists)
Knife  ✪〖✠Piterox✠〗 (2 kills with knife)
Longest Kill Streak  MAM KOSE Z (11 kills)
Longest Play Time  MAM KOSE Z (09:13:18h hours)
M4A1-S  Xtheee (6 kills with m4a1-s)
M4A4  Hezo (46 kills with m4a4)
M9 Bayonet  Eliot (17 kills with m9-bayonet)
MAC-10  MAM KOSE Z (1 kills with mac10)
Most Deaths  Patryk Lisowski (69 deaths)
Most Headshots  MAM KOSE Z (121 headshots)
Most Improved Player  Patryk Lisowski (489 points gained)
Most Kills  MAM KOSE Z (273 kills)
Negev  MAM KOSE Z (8 kills with negev)
Nova  Rydzek (1 kills with nova)
P2000  Patryk Lisowski (1 kills with hkp2000)
P250  ✪ Adiro (2 kills with p250)
P90  MAM KOSE Z (11 kills with p90)
PP-Bizon  Rodzyneł (1 kills with bizon)
R8 Revolver  Patryk Lisowski (1 kills with revolver)
SCAR-20  MAM KOSE Z (6 kills with scar20)
SSG 08  Patryk Lisowski (2 kills with ssg08)
Tec-9  MAM KOSE Z (5 kills with tec9)
UMP-45  Xantis (1 kills with ump45)
USP-S  Xtheee (1 kills with usp-s)
Zeus x27  Rodzyneł (6 kills with taser)